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We are a conglomerate team of professional WoW gamers who are in the business of Real-Money Trading or RMT, a phenomenon that occurred with the birth of online-gaming, especially in the genre of MMORPG. We had been inundated with requests to sell WOW gold to middlemen and agencies before we started our own direct selling website -- levelvip.com. Led by a few gamers/entrepreneurs, we started this business on 16th sep 2006 to streamline the sales of our hard-earned WoW gold to WoW gamers who are in it for the fun and play!

Production Practices & Business Ethics We meticulously avoid practices that may have a negative impact on the game play. Doctrinal rules are enforced upon wow gold farmers and power-levelers to stay away from using cheat-wares, spy bots, macros and robots of any kind to create or collect virtual assets. However, we are also not alchemists, we can neither do zero-time delivery nor turn bytecode into WoW gold with no cost since we despise WoW gold hunting. But we Guaranteed delivery every one wow gold to our customers and usually wow gold will be delivery within 2 hours. Of course the speed depend on the amount of stock.

Ingame Currency Market Arena Search on Google for the exact phrase of "WoW gold" or "buy wow gold," you will see about 40+ sponsored advertising entries, and more than 2.3 million of result webpages that talks about it. The WoW gold virtual currency is not an average virtual resource. As a matter of fact, it is an exceptionally popular and actively traded virtual commodity. Tens of thousands of transactions are made daily. Sellers are all claiming themselves to be the best MMORPG Service Provider with the best price and the fastest delivery.

We compete in this MMORPG secondary market by providing an unparallel value-adding service to WoW players who lack the time to gain WoW gold or level up their characters. We cordially invite all prospective WoW players to compare our written guarantee to our competitors' to see the difference; and to shop with us to experience the difference!

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Using illegal powerleveing/gold may suffer the risk of gaming account termination.

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